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Why do I keep getting “Please correct the errors highlighted below and try again” error?

Our plugins are designed to protect business data from user errors. That's why every new or existing record is checked before it's saved or updated. If your plugin detects that a record is not matching the predefined business rules of your plugin, it gives you "Please correct the errors highlighted below and try again" error.

For example, it is not allowed to create duplicate records or leave required fields empty. If the record is not matching the predefined business rules, it is not allowed and the plugin asks the user to correct the issue.

To avoid this error:

  • Clean up your trash. if a record is not permanently deleted, it can technically be restored. So the plugin checks your trash before saving or updating a record.
  • All required fields are filled out. The required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  • No duplicated values for unique fields. If there is a unique field in your plugin that is explicitly needed to be filled out, there can not be the same value in the other records. Our plugins automatically create all unique fields, if you create a record manually. However, if you restored or modified your data using an external process or third party plugin, there is no guarantee that your records are valid. If you need to bulk import/update records, please do not use third party products since they lack the logic required to create a valid record. Use your plugin CSV import/export/update module a.k.a operations.
  • Check inactive tabs or accordions in the edit screen if you see where the error is. If there are too many fields, it is not easy to locate the problem field causing the issue.
  • Check if you installed another plugin offering deduping functionality and deactivate it
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