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What’s NOT covered in Free Technical Support?

Installation and configuration of WordPress enterprise software can be a complex task. It requires expertise not only in WordPress but also in database and system administration. Installation and configuration services are not included in your software purchase.

Depending on your site configuration, the complexity of your software, hosting service setup, and your experience level, you should decide if you need professional help. If you prefer to get professional help, we recommend you contact your software vendor and ask if installation and configuration service is offered. Nobody can know the software you purchased better than its vendor or developer.

Getting professional help not only guarantees smooth software deliverability, it also offers you a secure, optimized environment to run your software. Please do not assume that because it is WordPress, it is easy or anyone can do it.

Just like you do not hire anyone to fix the plumbing in your house, you should not trust anyone with the installation and configuration of enterprise software on your site. Things can go wrong, rookie mistakes made, and all come back to you with significant costs and downtime.

In general, if you run into an issue that requires a developer to check your database, web server, or WordPress site configuration (installation, configuration, plugins collection and theme installed etc.), fixing these types of issues is not covered by Free support and not included with your software purchase.

These types of issues require a developer specialized in a certain area to login and work on your site. For the services not covered by Free Support, we offer expert services. Please purchase a work order if you need the following services:

  1. Any source code modification, addition, or deletion for any reason.

    If you modified, removed, or added any code from/to the original plugin source for any reason, it will break the integrity of our plugin designs. Breaking our ability to reproduce code will automatically make your plugin unsupportable from our end. Please refer to our support policy for details.

  2. Any site specific issue related to your site's theme or plugin collection. (Supported by expert service)
  3. All of our products are released as-is and developed covering major use cases and computer configurations. Since there are thousands of themes and plugins out in the wild, it is not possible to support every combination. In some cases, we may provide suggestions to where you need to look into or debug but you are responsible for identifying and fixing the issues.

  4. Any issue on any code introduced to WordPress core (Supported by expert service)
  5. Any issue on your WP App Studio plugin design specific to your project (Supported by expert service)
  6. Any issue on your site's web server configuration (Supported by expert service)
  7. Any issue on your site's MySQL server configuration (Supported by expert service)
  8. Any customization on a plugin's appearance and functionality (Supported by expert service)
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