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How to exclude posts from your views using Visual Shortcode Builder

EMD Visual Shortcode Builder is a component which allows you to create WordPress shortcodes using its intuitive interface. EMD Visual Shortcode Builder comes integrated with some of our select WordPress plugins.

You can check your plugin settings menu and see if there is a Shortcodes page there. If you have that page, it means the plugin you purchased has EMD Visual Shortcode Builder built-in.

It is very easy to exclude one or many entity records such as posts, pages, videos, employees, articles etc. from the shortcode results. In this article, we will demonstrate a way to exclude some entity records from a view using EMD Visual Shortcode Builder which comes built-in with our YouTube Showcase Pro WordPress plugin.

Let's assume, you have 100s videos on your site and want to exclude some videos from your coverflow view. In addition, you assigned the videos you want to exclude to "Categories" taxonomy using the term slugs of "test1","test2", and "test3".

Please keep in mind that the title and the slug of a taxonomy term could be different. A taxonomy term slug is the user friendly and URL valid name of a taxonomy term.

To get started, please login to your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator user and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on "Video Settings" menu and then "Shortcodes" page.
  2. Click on "Create New" button at the top to create a new shortcode.
  3. Select your view. In this case, we will select std_coverflow view.
  4. To limit the results returned, select a taxonomy. We will select "Catagories" taxonomy.
  5. Select "slug not in" operator".
  6. Enter comma separated term values. We will enter "test1","test2", and "test3" term slugs - not term titles.
  7. Click on the "plus" icon right next the value textbox.
  8. Click on "Insert Shorcode" button.
  9. Copy the shortcode generated clicking on the corresponding "Copy" button and paste it in a WordPress page.
  10. Publish your page and see the results.

After your page is published, you can assign the taxonomy terms you defined to additional videos or other entity records.

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