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What to write to report a technical issue?

When we receive a support request from you, we follow the process below :

  1. Check if the issue is supported or not supported by our service.
  2. Identify the root cause of the issue.
  3. Reproduce the issue in our demo site to see it is a site specific issue or an issue affecting all our customers.
  4. Fix the issue or recommend a solution.

Our objective is to solve your support request as soon as possible. To help us reach our objective and serve you better, we need detailed explanation of the issue.

We want to solve your support issue to your satisfaction. Help us help you by providing quality information on your issue.

Copy and paste the following questions to your support ticket and provide response to each question.

1- Do you see the same issue happening in the live demo site of your plugin?

Please go the demo site of your plugin and check if the same issue occurs there. If yes, please provide the link of the demo site page where the issue can be reproduced.

2- Where and how did the issue happen?

Let us know the URL, operating system (windows, mac, linux etc.) and the browser you were on when the issue happened. If you'd like us to login to you site, purchase a work order.

3- What did you expect to happen?

Provide a detailed explanation of what you expected to happen versus what actually happened. If multiple errors happened, make sure to start a separate paragraph for each error.

4- Did you try to fix the issue?

If yes, provide the steps you took and what happened. You can follow our instructions to see if a third party product causing the issue.

5- Do you have a screenshot or video?

An image or video sometimes explains more to us than anything else.

6- Do you have any error log(s)?

Error logs sometimes include detailed explanation of the issue and help us identify and fix the issue faster.

Please open a separate support ticket for each separate issue.

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