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How to create a paid WooCommerce event and checkin

  1. Start by installing and activating the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.
  2. Next, install and activate either the WP Easy Events Pro or Enterprise edition.
  3. Additionally, install and activate the WP Easy Event WooCommerce plugin.
  4. Create your event and designate the registration type to "WooCommerce" under the "registration" tab.
  5. Generate a WooCommerce product to serve as your event ticket. While configuring the product, associate it with the event created in step 4 by linking it in the "Events" box.
  6. To test your ticketing system, navigate to the front page of your event (created in step #4) and click on the "Buy Now" button. A modal box will appear displaying the price and an "Add to Cart" option.
  7. Upon completion of payment, an Attendee Ticket will be generated and accessible under the "All Attendees" menu in the admin panel, complete with a QR code.
  8. Create a new WordPress page and insert the shortcode: [wpee_process_checkin].
  9. To check in attendees, simply scan the QR code on the ticket page. This action will either redirect staff to a success page if the check-in is valid or display an error message if the ticket has already been used or is invalid.
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