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Why did I get “The event checkin processing page has not being created” error when I try to scan QR code for an attendee?

When you scan the QR code for an attendee of one of your events , you need to have a page with the shortcode: [wpee_process_checkin] If you don't have this page created you will get the error: "The event checkin processing page has not being created. Please deactivate WP Easy Events Professional and activate it again and click on "Setup WP Easy Events Professional Pages" button." .

You could create this page in 3 different ways.

  1. Go to Settings page under your Event Settings menu page. Under Tools tab , you will see "Install pages" button , this will create all the setup pages needed for your plugin if they are not already created.
  2. Go to Pages menu and create a page manually and enter the shortcode in the content.
  3. Deactivate and activate your plugin which will show the button at top.

We recommend using the first option which is much easier and faster.

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