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How can I customize event attendee form?

WP Easy Events allows customization of Event Attendee forms by creating custom fields. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Create a dummy attendee by clicking Add New Attendee. You can use this attendee for all custom fields.
  2. Find custom fields section and click Enter New link
  3. Fill in Name and Value fields. For example, Name: Do you have a pet?. Value: Yes
  4. Click Add Custom Field button.
  5. Repeat this for all your custom fields.
  6. Click Publish or Update(if you're editing an existing attendee)
  7. Go Event Settings > Settings > Forms tab > Event Attend section
  8. Find the custom field(s) you created and enable them by clicking on Show ... field. For example, Show Do you have a pet?
  9. Click Save Changes button.
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