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How to create your YouTube channel in WordPress

Having a well-maintained website is a powerful marketing tool. It not only helps you gain a competitive advantage but also improves your business reputation, authority, and brand recognition. On average, website owners generate more leads, make more sales, offer personalized customer service.

Despite all the benefits, developing a website is time-consuming, requires technical knowledge, and involves an extensive list of marketing tasks to attract the attention of search engines.

YouTube, on the other hand, is the second largest search engine and gets over 1 billion unique visitors each month. Having a YouTube channel and engaging content significantly improves your brand's visibility and name recognition. The marketing activities are not that intensive, as compared to having a custom website, but still requires a lot of work.

In this tutorial, we will use a hybrid approach and build a website dedicated to displaying a YouTube channel in WordPress.

Having a YouTube channel in WordPress, we aim to benefit from the best of both approaches while trying to avoid the disadvantages of each approach. Below are some of our objectives:

  • Minimize the complexities of developing a website from scratch by using WordPress and YouTube ShowCase Pro plugin. You can see an example of such a website by visiting our live demo site.
  • Store (embed) and maintain video content on YouTube, maximizing our visibility there and on Google.
  • Tie YouTube video content strongly to our domain and brand by enhancing and enriching the video content on our site with additional text and multi-media content.
  • Link YouTube channel and WordPress site by sending traffic to each site through external links.

To be able to follow this tutorial, you must have:

To create a WordPress site displaying your YouTube Channel, you should complete the tasks below. Please refer to the linked pages or the images attached to see the step by step instructions:

  1. Obtain your YouTube API key from YouTube following the included instructions on the setting page.
  2. Import your videos from your playlist via YouTube API and set an import schedule.
  3. Create video tags and categories for YouTube Videos
  4. Tag and categorize each video
  5. Use Visual Shortcode Builder to a create YouTube ShowCase shortcode. Shortcodes are used to display videos using available video views such as sliders, grid gallery, etc. Using the shortcodes, you can also filter on the videos you want to display by various options including video categories, tags, or video attributes.
  6. Create a WordPress page for each topic and write explanatory content for each topic page
  7. On each video page, include your more detailed content and excerpt as text. Excerp text is displayed on YouTube ShowCase category and tag pages when visitos click on them.
  8. Create a navigation menu for your topics and pages.
  9. Add a YouTube video search widget and other video widgets to your theme's sidebars..
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