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How can I allow our staff to login and update their own profiles in Employee Spotlight Pro?

User roles define what a user can do and have access to which records or pages after logging in. Administrators can assign roles to users using WordPress Users screen. Employee Spotlight Pro comes with "Employee" and "Employee Manager" user roles.

Employees can:

  • Edit or update their own profiles
  • View all employee profiles on the frontend of your site
  • Assign employee tags, groups and locations to their own profiles

Employee Managers can:

  • Create new employee profiles manually
  • Edit or update all employee profiles
  • View all employee profiles on the frontend of your site
  • Manage employee tags, groups and locations

In a real life scenario, you may assign "Employee Manager" role to a manager or supervisor or a non-technical user without needing to give her administrator privileges.

To allow employees update their own profiles, admins should follow the steps below:

  1. Create a WordPress user for each employee
  2. Assign each user to "Employee" user role. Alternatively, you can assign a role to multiple users in bulk by checking the records and selecting the role from the "Change role to..." dropdown and click Change button.
  3. Create manually or bulk import the list of employees. If you manually create each profile, make sure that the author of each profile corresponds to the user name created at #1 by selecting the user name from Author dropdown

If your organization has many employees, creating each employee profile manually may not be feasible. In this case, you should consider bulk creating initial employee profiles at once using the integrated Import/Export/Update module.

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