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How to use the same license key in different sites

If you have a valid license key and you'd like to use it in a temporary site before you move your permanent site, you do not need to purchase a separate key. You can use the same license key in multiple sites by deactivating the license key in one site and then activating it in another site.

For example, if you plan do to configure your system in a staging environment (Site A) and plan to migrate to your production environment (Site B), follow the steps below

  1. Activate the license key at Site A
  2. Configure your system at site B
  3. When you're done. Login to your account
  4. Find your purchase from the Purchase History tab and click on View Licenses link
  5. In the license management screen, click on Manage Sites button
  6. Click Deactivate Site link
  7. Enter Site B url in the input box and click Add Site button
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