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How does Knowledge Center OmniSearch work?

Knowledge Center Enterprise edition comes OmniSearch functionality. OmniSearch allows users to search your content based on:

  • Title
  • Excerpt
  • Content

The following knowledge bases content types are searched automatically.;

  • articles
  • panels (short articles)
  • documents (collection of one to many articles with custom header and footer)
  • embeds (video, audio, tweets, presentations etc.)

Users can exclude keywords from search results using "-" operator in the search box. For example, If you search "Plugins - updates", it will return all content matching "Plugins" but will exclude the ones containing "updates" term.

In addition, users can limit their search based on one to many category and tag terms. Clicking on the "advanced" link above the OmniSearch box displays tags and category selection drop-downs. Subsequently, using the dropdowns, user can limit their search results to certain topics or terms.

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