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How can I make a ticket publicly accessible?

WP Ticket WordPress plugin allows to set up a private, public, hybrid support ticket system. By default, support ticket authors, support managers, and agents can view submitted support tickets. In addition, all visitors must belong to the subscriber user role to submit a support ticket.

If you want all of your site visitors to submit, see and comment on all support tickets submitted by anyone, you can open WP Ticket support ticket system to the public. When you change the default system mode, please consider the privacy concerns of ticket authors. Let them know that their support ticket will be accessible by anyone so they cannot share private information such as login passwords, id numbers, etc on their support tickets.

In addition, the public tickets can be indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing. So anyone on the internet searching for a specific subject may end up a support ticket matching their search.

How to make a support ticket accessible to public

You can make tickets private or publicly accessible by changing the author of a ticket. If a customer logs in and creates a ticket, that ticket can not be seen by other customers. If you change the author of a ticket to Visitor, then the ticket can be seen by anyone visiting that page.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard as administrator.
  2. Click on Tickets > All Tickets.
  3. Click the title link of a ticket to edit it.
  4. Scroll down and find the "Author" dropdown. If you don't see the drowndown, click on "Screen Options" tab on the right top and enable it.
  5. Change the author to "Visitor"
  6. Click "Update" button to update.

How to make all support tickets accessible to public

By making WP Ticket system accessible to the public, you allow everyone visiting your site to submit, view their own and existing support tickets.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard as administrator.
  2. Click on WP Ticket > Settings > Ticket heading.
  3. Scroll down and find the "Remove Access Restrictions On Frontend" checkbox. By default, this checkbox is unchecked.
  4. Check "Remove Access Restrictions On Frontend" checkbox.
  5. Click "Save Changes" button to update settings.
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