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How can I display employees by location using Employee Spotlight plugin?

Both Employee Spotlight Pro and Community editions have Locations taxonomy. The locations taxonomy can be used to categorize employees by location and display them on the frontend. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using a shortcode
  • Creating a link to Locations taxonomy view pages

Before you start implementing the following methods, make sure you assign each employee to a location using the employee edit screen in the admin area.

Using a shortcode

Use the following shortcode to display employee belonging to a location. In this example, we use Miami slug as a parameter. You can find the slug of any taxonomy by going to the taxonomy page in the admin area. Just copy the value corresponding to your desired location under Slug column.

[employee_circle_grid filter="tax::office_locations::is::miami;"]

Creating a link to Locations taxonomy view pages

To create link to a location taxonomy value,

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. Click on Locations accordion.
  3. Check the value(s) you need and click on Add to Menu button to move them under Menu Structure
  4. While in the Menu Structure panel. Drag each item into the order you prefer. Click the arrow on the right of the item to reveal additional configuration options.
  5. Save your menu
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