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How to set up WP Ticket incoming email WordPress plugin

WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon is a WordPress plugin that allows accepting support tickets from incoming emails. WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon can process customer replies as ticket comments, assign tickets to the predefined tags, whitelist or blacklist addresses, and more. You can use WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon on all editions of WP Ticket WordPress plugin.

To set up WP Ticket Incoming Addon, you must install and activate WP Ticket WordPress plugin first. To get started, go to WP Tickets (Pro/ENT) > Incoming Emails page.

Server Settings

Using server settings tab, you can set up your mail server. It is important that you have an active cron job otherwise you will not get support tickets created through incoming email.

We recommend setting up an operating system based cron schedule instead of relying on WordPress wp-cron function: How to set up WP Cron to make sure it runs on the specified intervals

  1. Type in your Mail Server Address.
  2. Select Connection Type. Sockets connection type is recommended but it may not work in some hosts. Alternatively, you can choose curl if your host supports it.
  3. Choose Mail Protocol. POP3, IMAP, POP3-SSL, and IMAP-SSL protocols are supported.
  4. Select the port. Standard Ports: POP3 (110), IMAP (143), IMAP-SSL(993), POP3-SSL(995)
  5. Select how often you want to check email.Available options are; Once weekly, Daily,Twice daily, Hourly,Twice per Hour, Every 10 minutes,Every 5 minutes.


Click on Entities tab and enter the following information.

  1. Enter Login Name and Password for your mail server.
  2. Check Delete email after posting if you want incoming emails to be deleted after processing.
  3. Set Maximum number of emails to post per run.
  4. Decide if you will require a pin to save.
  5. Set Post Status after processing. If you set Publish, tickets will be visible on your site.
  6. Set default Ticket Tags that will be associated with every incoming ticket.
  7. Treat Replies As New tickets or replies. If you select New tickets, every customer reply will open a new support ticket. Replies will be displayed under the original support ticket. To process replies as Replies emails need to include either [{emd_ticket_id}] or Re: ticket title in the subject line. For example;Ticket id [{emd_ticket_id}] has been updated with a new comment!
  8. Set No Subject Default. If subject is empty the text you entered here will be used.
  9. Set Authorized Addresses. Posts from emails in this list will be treated as if they came from the admin. Multiple authorized email addresses must be comma separated to be processed.
  10. Set Banned File Names. Files matching this list will never be posted as an attachment. You can use wildcards such as *.xls, or *.* for all files. Multiple file names must be comma seperated to be processed.

In addition, you can use the shortcodes below in your email content to set attributes and taxonomies of your support tickets. It is very similar to submitting a form. Instead of filling in the fields in a support ticket form, you or your customers can use the shortcodes below to create a new ticket or update an existing one.

The shortcode name and values should be space seperated. Example: [name value1 value2]


First Name: [emd_ticket_first_name], Last Name: [emd_ticket_last_name], Email: [emd_ticket_email], Phone: [emd_ticket_phone], Due: [emd_ticket_duedate mm-dd-yy HH:mm], Sequence: [emd_ticket_prio_sequence], Original Estimate: [emd_ticket_original_estimate], Estimated Time Remaining: [emd_ticket_est_time_remaining], Time Spent: [emd_ticket_time_spent], Able to reproduce the issue: [Able to reproduce the issue],


Priorities: [ticket_priority], Slas: [ticket_sla], Topics: [ticket_topic], Statuses: [ticket_status], Channels: [ticket_schannel], Products: [support_product]

Fequently Asked Questions

Q- Why is support agents not getting notification emails?

A- Please check the following:

  1. Is WordPress able to send emails? If no, please check WordPress installation and configuration.
  2. Is Agent record created and email field filled in? If no, follow the steps below:
    1. Create a WordPress having "Agent" role
    2. Create an "Agent" record and fill in all fields. Make sure the email field is filled in with a "valid and tested" email.
    3. Check "Assignee" checkbox under plugin under WordPress Dashboard > WP Ticket {Edition: Pro or Ent} > Notifications > Sent to field. Do it for all notification types available.

Q- Why does WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon WordPress plugin create a new ticket instead of a support ticket response

A- Below is the process how WP Ticket implements a ticket submissions via incoming email:

  1. Customer sends an email.
  2. WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon creates a support ticket.
  3. Customer replies a support ticket notification email with Re:[TICKET-ID] in the email subject.
  4. WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon checks the ticket id and creates a response to the first ticket. If the first email does not exist, WP Ticket creates a new ticket.

Please check the following:

  1. Make sure you have [{emd_ticket_id}] in the "Subject" text field of every notification under WordPress Dashboard > WP Ticket {Edition: Pro or Ent} > Notifications. For example;Ticket id [{emd_ticket_id}] has been updated with a new comment!. This will make sure customers and agents can reply to support tickets via emails.
  2. Customer or support agent replying to a support ticket changed the email subject line so Incoming Email Addon does not know where to assign the support response.
  3. WordPress cannot access your email server and cannot process incoming email.
  4. WP Ticket Incoming Email Addon does not have a valid mail server configuration.
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