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What is covered in Expert Support Service?

Priority support is designed to resolve site specific, theme related issues. Theme related issues are usually caused by obstructive code, unorthodox markup or CSS code included theme's style sheet. Please note that themes are usually designed for a specific purpose such as blogging, marketplace(ecommerce) or magazine style publishing although there are multi purpose themes.

All our plugins come their own style sheet which is hardened against possible theme related issues. We also include some tools in plugin settings to resolve specific theme related issues. So take look and try them first.

If nothing helps and you still see design elements not getting displayed as they are displayed in the plugin's demo site including but not limited to;

  • Unrelated text is getting displayed
  • Font sizes or element colors are not matching the rest of the site
  • Images or text bleeding out of their containers
  • Single, archive or taxonomy pages are not getting displayed properly
  • Nothing is happening when a button clicked
  • Spacing is off between and/or among design elements

.. then you're having theme related issue. Fortunately, theme related issues are easier to identify and resolve and our support team is here to help you out.

Expert support service scope is limited to the tasks identified and priced during the initial hour. If new issues are identified and needed to be resolved, a new project needs to be started but initial support hour purchase is not required.

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