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What is CoSponsor program?

If you have a plugin idea that you want us to develop or you work for a client who has needs which can used by others without making significant initial investment, CoSponsor is for you.

CoSponsor is a cofunding program which you contribute a percentage of the overall development cost. You decide the percentage of the overall cost you'd like to contribute by selecting your CoSponsor account type. The more you contribute the more discount and other privileges you get.

CoSponsor program is not a consulting project and does not have deadlines. If what you need is a part of a project with specific deadlines and scope, open a support ticket selecting WPAS Consulting Request from the topic list. We offer fixed pricing and affordable rates. If your CoSponsor project gets accepted, you are allowed to submit 1 set of requirements which will be used to calculate your stake in the project.

In summary, contributors

  • Get 10%-100% discount every time they purchase the plugin within the first year of the plugin's release.

  • Have right to provide initial requirements to the plugin to be developed.

  • Have right to provide feature requests for the maintenance releases

  • Have right to be listed as a Plugin sponsor in the plugin page if the contributor has the biggest share and choose to do so.

  • Can not resell or redistribute the developed plugin with our explicit permission.

  • Has no intellectual property rights on the developed plugin.

By applying for a CoSponsor account, you also fully accept our terms and conditions including our support policy.

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