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What happens after I purchase expert support service?

What you need to do to get started

  1. Purchase Expert Service initial hour and login to your account. The login information will be sent to you via the purchase receipt email.
  2. Open a support ticket. In your ticket:
    1. Explain your need in detail, provide screenshots or video if you can.
    2. Provide the login information (user name, password) to your site. At a minimum, we will need to access to WordPress directory either directly from the operating system or WordPress dashboard.
    3. Provide your availability based on Eastern Standard Time(EST) if we need you.

How we will proceed

  1. After receiving your purchase confirmation and login information to your site, we will:
    1. Identify the issue.
    2. Estimate how long it will take us to fix it or develop the features you need.
  2. Provide you a fixed price if the resolution time exceeds the initial hour. You need to purchase the required support hours to start up the project.
  3. Start working on your site after your approval and payment(if necessary).
  4. Document the resolution.
  5. Ask for your confirmation that the issue is resolved or the features you requested meet your need.
  6. If you confirm the solution we provided is accepted by you, we will close the project.

Please note that in case you do not prefer to go forward with the project, the initial support hour is not refundable. If the project implementation exceeds the time frame estimated by our solution specialist, you do not get charged for additional hours.

Your decision to purchase additional Expert Service support hour(s) means you read, understood our support policy, and are in agreement with us on possible solutions.

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