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Is my issue categorized as “the plugin not functioning as advertised” ?

There could be many issues preventing your plugin function or look & feel as it does in the plugin's demo site. These issues mainly fall into the following categories:

  1. One or more plugins installed on your site are conflicting with our plugin
  2. The theme installed on your site is conflicting with our plugin
  3. There are issues in your WordPress installation and/or configuration
  4. There are issues in your Web server
  5. There are issues in your PHP library collection or configuration

If your issue falls into one of the categories above, it is categorized as a site specific issue. Although, we test our products thoroughly, it is not cost effective and possible to test them out in every configuration scenario.

Site specific issues are not covered by complementary support. You need to purchase priority or expert support and give us full access to your site if choose us to resolve site specific issues.

All of our plugin's have extensive documentation and demo sites. In our demo site, we use the latest version of our plugins to make sure they work and comply to their intended designs.

To be able to categorize an issue as "the plugin not functioning as advertised", we must be able to reproduce the same issue in the plugin's demo site. If the issue you're having exists in our demo site as well, it is considered as "design" or "code" defect.

If your issue is categorized as code or design defect, we automatically assign the issue to the highest priority, upgrade your support to priority support and get core developers involved to resolve the issue to your satisfaction as fast as possible.

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