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How to sync from multiple active directory servers to Employee Directory

Active Directory/LDAP addon for Employee Directory WordPress plugin offers support for organizations composed of multiple independent sub-organizations or business structures.

For example,

1- Your organization's data is distributed in multiple active directory servers, you need a solution to sync from these servers and merge all the records in a unified location.

2- You want to have the ability to create employee records which do not exist in active directory and prevent these records from getting deleted or updated during syncing from active directory.

Active Directory/LDAP Addon meets and exceeds the needs above by allowing organizations to:

  • Pull data from unlimited number of active directory servers.
  • Configure each server connection independently
  • Set the order of import operations by drag and drop
  • Create some records in Employee Directory manually or using bulk import from CSV and sync the rest from Active Directory at the same time.
  • Get insight on each run though extensive auditing and debugging at the record level
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