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How to batch sync records in WordPress with ease

EMD Integrator WordPress plugin is a powerful yet easy to use tool to bulk import and export data. EMD Integrator uses individual jobs to process data. A EMD Integrator job is a single processing unit either to exports or imports data

EMD Integrator can be used as an alternative or supplement to REST API in cases where a large number of data must be transferred in a short period time without overwhelming network resources.

Unlike REST API where records must be transferred via mutually exclusive requests, a EMD Integrator job processes records in batches. Batch processing increases speed and data throughput when you need to move a large number of records from one app to another.

Additionally, EMD Integrator jobs can get the data files to be processed through an internal file system or via the internet. This offers flexibility since ,using REST API, requests are always manipulated from the URI.

Using EMD Integrator WordPress plugin, you can create unlimited number of import and export jobs. A EMD Integrator job can be configured individually and run in the order you set by dragging and dropping. A job at the top of the list runs first.

If you have complex data requirements where certain segment of your data needs be transformed or cleansed, EMD Intregrator allows you create a staging area in WordPress.

For example, you receive a large number of form submissions from multiple external systems. You want to validate email addresses or simply tag and categorize each record based on your requirements before moving them to the production.

In this scenario, you can use EMD Integrator to create a staging area which integrates all external system data in a single location. This can simplify your work and help you avoid using extensive resources; writing, testing and maintaining custom code.

EMD Integrator WordPress plugin is integrated with our select enterprise edition plugins.

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