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How to enable reCAPTCHA v3 on EMD Form Builder forms

Google reCAPTCHA protects your site against spam and other types of automated abuse. EMD Form Builder supports reCAPTCHA v3 and HoneyPot.

You can enable or disable reCAPTCHA v3 per form basis. You also have the option of displaying reCAPTCHA v3 to your visitors only or hiding completely and letting it work behind the scenes. Please note that hiding reCAPTCHA v3 badge is allowed as long as you include a text attribution.

Below are the steps you must follow to enable reCAPTCHA v3 on your EMD Form Builder forms.

  1. Apply for reCAPTCHA v3 keys: you will get your pair consists of a site key and a secret key.
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Go to the plugin settings > Forms.
  4. Hover your mouse on the form link and click on the "Edit Settings" quick link.
  5. Click on "Anti Spam" tab.
  6. Pick your "Show CAPTCHA" option.
  7. Enter your site and secret key that you got at #1.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Check your form page to see if reCAPTCHA v3 enabled.

If you see the badge interrupting with another icon on your site, you can adjust its location by using the following code:

.grecaptcha-badge { bottom:65px !important; }
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