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Who can see private comments in the plugins using emd comments?

Emd comments is a commenting system which is included in some of our plugins. Check your plugin's features page if yours has it. Users can submit private comments by clicking "Make this response private" checkbox when submitting their comments. Private comments are marked with a lock icon and has "This response is marked as private" text in it content area. You can translate this text to your own language. You may ask your users to submit private comments to send "private or personal" information such site logins, identification numbers or phone numbers.

Who can see private comments

Once a private comment is submitted as private, only the following users can see its content:

  • Comment author: The user who wrote the private comment. This users may or may not be a logged-in user. Visitors can also submit private comments.
  • Author: The user who is the author of the record(support tickets, issue, video, profile etc.) where the private comment posted to.
  • Users with edit capability: The uses who can edit the record having a private comment. (Backend only)
  • Administrators: WordPress administrators
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