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Attracting the top talent starts with retaining your existing talent — Here is how

You have spent enormous amount of time, energy and money to attract a top talent for a position. She is on board, looking very happy. Her manager says she shows up on time, takes her tasks seriously and delivers. She is friendly with coworkers as well. Is your investment safe and secure?

Maybe or maybe not. Why? Because the employee engagement and productivity are not the same thing. Employees may produce high quality work and meet the requirements of their position but daydream about taking their talent somewhere else. So what is the missing ingredient?

Employee engagement is the key. According to a Gallup poll, organizations with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive. Another Gallup research suggests engaged employees are 27% more likely to report "excellent" performance. How can organizations produce and maintain excellent levels of employee engagement and productivity?

Forbes lists positive organizational brand, streamlined processes and availability of leadership opportunities as top 3 key factors for attracting and retaining top talent.

Although there is no silver bullet for creating such an environment, having the right software can help. Employee Directory WordPress plugin is designed to bring everyone on board, produce and maintain productive and engaging work place.

Employee Directory is accessible from any device.

Showcasing your organization in a positive, modern looking way helps create a positive image and brand recognition. Prospective as well as existing employees love to see a team organized to produce positive results.

Having organization charts on your site promotes a sense of a strong team built for a purpose. Visitors of your site can browse through departments, identify subject matter experts, get contact information in a matter of a few clicks. Increased productivity keeps employees engaged and in house.

Employee Directory does not force visitors to search information in a certain way. If employees are more comfortable to use standard search forms or search through an alphabetized listing, that's fine and available. More search options means less learning curve and more user adoption, resulting in easier path to accessing company information.

Having organization charts promotes clear communication flow

If you have a distributed work place, google maps based employee views can be used by anyone to find office locations, coworkers or sales associates.. Displaying employee information on a map help employees engage other coworkers closer their own location. In addition, you have the luxury of displaying only certain segments of your team using WordPress shortcodes, helping anyone find information faster by eliminating irrelevant ones from the start.

Using Employee Directory, communication flows are always clear. Finding answers to your questions is easy and intuitive. Nobody is lost in finding information and top talent loves it.

Employee Directory WordPress plugin allows to create awesome looking employee profile pages. Employees love to see their photos, bios and their skills on a company site. Employee profile pages help everyone know about each other's strengths and create a sense of unity. Simply by visiting a company website, prospective employees can see themselves as part of strong, professional and engaging work place.

Using Employee Directory, you can define which information can be updated by employees or by your internal data sources. There are many connectivity options available to sync with enterprise data stores such as Microsoft Active Directory or any data source. Allowing employees update their own information in real time not only keeps people engaged but also helps maintain accurate information at all times. Why not use the power of company social media to bring everyone together?

Organizing Company Events is very easy with Employee Directory

Providing and promoting leadership and growth opportunities can help attract and retain top talent. Employee Directory comes with a fully functioning company event management system. You can organize and promote conferences, department meetings, training sessions or informal gatherings with ease. People can search company events matching their skill set or interests and sign up with a single click. In addition, a fully featured event calendar keeps everyone posted on the past and upcoming events.

Attracting and retaining top talent demands actions from your side. Employee Directory WordPress plugin not only helps attracting top talent by presenting a strong and productive organizational culture. It also help you retain top talent by providing a top-notch digital work place to keep them engaged.

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